The Platform

I believe that we are at a crossroads in our Union. We have seen the Federal Government usurp power over the decades becoming ever more involved in our day to day lives. We have stood idly by as the government has eroded our Bill of Rights and Constitution, leaving us all less free than we were just a short time ago. I want to fight for you. We need to create more economic opportunity for all citizens, improve our schools, reduce health care costs, and address the violence in our cities. By returning to the proper separation of powers as outlined in our founding documents, I believe we can put our country back on a path to prosperity and freedom. Stand with me and fight to restore our Constitution and return the power to the people. 

The Issues

War On Drugs

In the early 1900's, Congress passed the 18th Amendment essentially giving themselves the power to ban alcohol (Prohibition) because they understood the Constitution, as it was written, didn't grant them the power to do so. Yet, no such amendment has ever been passed granting Congress the power to ban any substance. I believe the major reason we have seen drastic increases in violence in our cities, and at our border, is due to this failed war on drugs, which has also been used to erode our protected liberties in the Bill of Rights.  We witnessed similar violence, and gang activity during the era of Prohibition.

Without spending a dime, we could make our cities safer, and reduce violence at the border. We have been destroying minority communities in particular for decades through the War on Drugs, breaking up families, and trapping families in the lower economic tier when removing one parent, or both, from the child's life. The economic cost of the lost human capital is devastating. The regulation of substances is a State issue, and the power should be returned to the States as our Founder's intended. 

Federal Reserve

My degree in economics, and passion for the study thereof, allows me the insight and knowledge to inform the general public that the Federal Reserve MUST be audited. It represents an unconstitutional, quasi-government agency, that has the sole authority to print money for our Country. They have complete control over the supply of money, and can manipulate interest rates with the simple press of a key. The cause of our dramatic up-and-down "Bubble" economy is no doubt the result of the Federal Reserve, and its decisions on how to alter our currency and manipulate interest rates. 

We have a right to see behind the curtain, and deserve a full audit of their activities. The authority to create legal tender should be returned solely to the US Government, as intended, and not unconstitutionally delegated bank. 


My background in economics and continued study allow me to speak at length on this subject. In order to have a sound economy, one less prone to the drastic swings we have witnessed over the past 50 years, we must have a sound money supply. The economy can best perform when it allows individuals to voluntarily interact and exchange goods and services free of government intervention. If we look into the areas where government has become most involved; such as student loans, healthcare, and education, we see that the quality has often decreased or remained the same, while costs have skyrocketed. 

A free economy would be one where the government doesn't provide bailouts to failing companies, and pick winners and losers in the marketplace. This would provide the best opportunity we have to ensure every American has the ability to move up the economic ladder during their lifetime.  

Restore The 4th

Americans have sacrificed far too much privacy in the name of security. They have allowed for programs which have not identified or prevented a single terrorist plot, while giving the Federal Government an open invitation to their personal and private information. We must return the full protection of the 4th Amendment to the people, and require specific warrants for each and every instance that the Federal Government wishes to ascertain information from law abiding individuals. 


I believe every citizen should have the ability to receive the care that they need at an affordable rate. Unfortunately, government interventions in health care over the decades have driven up the cost of coverage and decreased competition within the marketplace. Unlike markets that have been relatively free of stifling government regulation, such as cell phones and technology which have improved and seen drastic price reductions, we have seen the opposite in the healthcare industry.  

Often it is the free market that has been blamed, but the truth is that it has been the massive expansion of government regulation and involvement that have resulted in the extreme increase in costs, and decreases in options for US citizens. More freedom to choose and innovate will make sure our health care system remains the best in the world.

National Defense

The Constitution grants Congress the power to declare war, not the President. This separation of power, one of the most vital to our Founders, has been trampled upon and they would be ashamed with what we have allowed to occur. We must end unconstitutional intervention that has not been declared and authorized by Congress. It is time we reevaluate the 2001 AUMF and propose new legislation authorizing the President to take action against threats of terrorism.  


I support eliminating the Federal Department of Education, with the intent of returning K-12 funding and curricula to the states.  Schools should be locally managed and accountable.  Parents have the right to choose among all educational opportunities for their children, including home schooling, public schools, and private schools.

Corporate Welfare/Cronyism

Corporate welfare, and cronyism must end.  Companies should compete in the free market without the government picking winners and losers, and causing distortions in the market. These unfair and uncompetitive advantages provided to the friends and donors of our politicans make it significanlty harder for new businesses to start up and succeed.

Foreign Aid

We sit over $20 trillion dollars in debt, and that is without accounting for the unfunded liabilities of the future such as Social Security. We must stop taxing our citizens, inflating our currency, and borrowing money from countries such as China, only to hand it over to dictators and countries hostile towards the United States. All foreign aid should be put up for an individual up or down vote in the House.

2nd Amendment

 It is my opinion, after a decade of researching and reading about the  original intent and meaning of the Constitution, that the Federal  government has absolutely no authority to pass any legislation  restricting your right to self defense. Per the Ratification debates, and notes from the  founding era, the power to legislate firearms was left to the States,  and the States alone. I am a staunch proponent of the 2nd Amendment and  the right of each and every individual to protect themselves.