Homegrown Leadership for a Better Tomorrow

Mitch was born and raised in Dundalk, MD. He attended Norwood Elementary, Parkville Middle, and Kenwood High School.  Following high school he attended McDaniel College in Westminster, MD, where he double majored in Economics and Business. He currently resides in Dundalk, MD with his wife Rebecca. He has resided in Congressional District 2 for his entire life and cares deeply about the community.  

Mitch has had a passion for the study of economics  since he began taking courses his freshman year of college. He continues to read new literature daily, and monitor current economic data. He believes his expansive knowledge in the area will allow him to be a leader of thought in Congress, and bring about positive change that provides opportunity for all Americans. 

During the 2008 election Mitch became increasingly interested in the original meaning and intent of the Constitution. How did the Framers and Founders intend for the document to be interpreted? He sought out those original documents such as the ratification debates, the Federalist papers, and other more obscure writings. Using the information he discovered, he formed his knowledge and understanding of what the Founders envisioned all those years ago, and how far we have strayed from it. Mitch believes that every American is entitled to the equal opportunity to pursue their life as they see fit, and to have their liberty protected. As a member of Congress Mitch will fight to shrink the Federal Government by proposing to end unconstitutional agencies and laws that have usurped power from the States. 

Mitch believes that the more local government is, the more accountable it is to the citizens. The men and women in Washington D.C. have lost touch with the citizenry and their approval ratings show that. Please stand with Mitch and let's work together, across the aisle, to leave a better tomorrow for our children.